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Who we are

Who we are

Silfispa, joint venture public (30%) and private (70%), since 1985, manages the public lighting service in the City of Florence, a city where the light, an essential element of urban decor, compares with a unique art and culture landscape.

The click, ignition ritual act that in the past belonged to "lumaio", happens every night, from the company's headquarters in Via dei Della Robbia 47. At dusk, with the slow decline of the sun, the sky changes color until it gets completely dark, start the night and the thousands of lights that brighten up the streets and monuments of the city.

A costant commitment to ensuring a high level of service always with a sense of responsibility of technicians and workers.

Comune di Firenze
Servizi dell'area fiorentina

CSQ - Certificazione ISO 9001:2008
CSQ - Certificazione BS OHSAS 18001:2007