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New lighting for Fontana del Nettuno

New lighting for Fontana del Nettuno

Thanks to the collaboration of Lions Club Florence , on the occasion of their 60th anniversary , Silfispa has designed and manufactured the lighting of the first public fountain. The Fountain was built by Bartolomeo Ammannati as a result of the competition announced by the Grand Duke Cosimo I in 1559 and opened at night December 10, 1565 on the occasion of the wedding of Francesco I, Grand Duchess Giovanna d' Austria.

The project combines the perceptual aspects affecting the complexity of the work (with the statue of Neptune in Carrara marble and nymphs, satyrs and fauns in bronze built by Giambologna) ​​with current communication needs of a city of art involves aspects of light spectacular .
They were used lighting fixtures with LED technology of the ADI -efficient and low power engaged , researching the latest technological developments in the industry for architectural applications in harsh environments (outdoor and water) in the same " chip" are inserted four different LEDs ( RGGB colour ) that allow a suitable mixing to provide high efficiency white light and high saturation for colored light.
The programming of the sets is via the control unit placed within the technical areas of the Palazzo Vecchio .
The plant was built in the spirit of full protection of the monumental property without performing any invasive procedure on the monument .

Please refer to the following video to understand the quality and effectiveness of the realization

Total number of fixtures: 22
Power fixtures: 14 with a power of 20W and n . 8 with a power of 60W
Total system power : 760W

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CSQ - Certificazione ISO 9001:2008
CSQ - Certificazione BS OHSAS 18001:2007