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Florence light history

Florence light history

The illumination conceived as a pubblic service was born in Florence at the beginning of the 17th century assuming different characteristic and dimensions during the course of the years: from the oil street-lamps to the gas illumination, and from the end of the 17th century to electricity.

Every evening in the City Council territory of Florence are switched on 44.000 lamps engaging an electric power of about 8.000 kW, 637 trunk implants, 40.000 supports between branched candlesticks, posts and shelfs distributed on an untied course of 900 kilometers of streets, besides concerning squares and green areas.

The city that with a light becomes another, following faithfully the routine and leading rhythms of life.

Since the end of the 17th century the revelation of the electricity and its application in the light system has defeated the darkness, carving mans costumes and giving birth to a new night life.
In the new Millenium the illumination system of the cities becomes more often a security element and at the same time confers a further incentivation for a better enjoyment of the city areas during the night hours allowing to conciliate work and free time.

The management of the illumination system and the range of interventions which represent its caracteristic, therefore does not assume a secondary importance even if refered to the necessities placed from the historical and architectual context of Florence but also from the aspects of enjoyment of the nocturnal environment and of the collectives structures, which a good illumination service is able to offer to the citizens.

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