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A lightened city

A lightened city

The illumination of the city and in particular the simultaneous of all the pubblic buldings realized on the evening of the 14 th of September, resulted excellent during the visit of the King Vittorio Emanuele for the exposion of 1861.

The gas had been so defently settled, and the Lyonnaise, since the first half of the fifties (50's), went through a prosperous period translated in a straordinary increasement of profits. The period that goes from the Unification to the coming of electricity was for the gas industry, thanks to the illimated requests of pubblic illumination implants from all over the country, the epoch of great earnings and reinforcement.

The urban modernization, of the great part of the city, approved the public gas illumination and nobody has never let escaped the occasion.

But the take-off brought with it a progressive worsening of the relations between the Council and the french administrators. The new contract stipulated in 1863, which exploid from the streets the still few oil lanterns, brought only to a temporary peace between the two parts. Obtained the regime of monopoly, this one guaranteed a liberty movement to the private companies, almost all foreigners, functioning in the peninsula, but at the same time had created a conflictuality situation with heavy judicials consequences in first moment favourable for the companies later for the Council. 

But besides the monopoly, the two rivals contended also the quality of the service, frequently considered decreasing. When the capital had been displaced to Florence the diffusion process of illumination becamed faster, in 1870 the number of gas-jets amounted to 2227.

The luminous novelty had reached also many other quarters of the city, which had been canalized, such as new urbanization zones, outskirts and suburbs later on entered in the Council territory.
It had so borned an elegant outskirt, that attracted the middle classes with high incomes. In the florentine urban furnishing the presence of gas lanterns becamed an essential element.


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