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The battle against the monopoly

The battle against the monopoly

Therefore the aim becamed to deceive the monopoly in french possesion, that's why the Council got cleverly surrounded by the best legalists of the city. 

It was so subscribed a firts sketch of agreement with the Anonymous Belgium Society for the production and transmission of electricity at long distance, that inexplicably gived up, making glad the famous Yorick at the Pietro Coccoluto Ferrigni, the most famous florentine journalist of time, contrary to the approval in establishing a relation with the Belgians. 

Further spaces had been opened for new negotiations, that brought to the stipulation of a first contract with the Edison, expecting the installation of 30 electric arc lamps in the town center. 

After this first concession others followed the same, that slowly were breaking the basements of the monopoly.

So after the Edison it was the Internationale Electricitaets of Vienna who entered the scene, at which it had been equally assigned a partial concession. The Council prefered the division of risks between more companies, even if it ment to fraction the pubblic illumination.

The electric illumination, limitated from the Signoria's square to the Santa trinita's, takes life in an experiment on the july 1890. It was imaginable the Lyonnaise reaction, that pronounced in court the florentine administration, who received the french opposition generating bad mood in the city. The judges supported the illegitimacy thesis of the Council in assigning to others the control of the pubblic illumination service.From a strictly legal point of view, the result of the comparison did not a move a single thing such as the further sentences. The long dispute between the Council and the gas societies had a large resonance in all the city and news paper kept talking over it for a long time.. 

The unsatisfaction, that touched almost everyone, was generated by low quality service offered by the french company.The sentence passed by the florentine Court conditioned many other events, giving the start to a series of unfavourable decisions for the local administrations. 

But everything changed with the law of the 7th june 1894, that confered to the prefect the management of the electric conduction in the city and so also the titularity of the concessions. In this way there were always less the demands from the gas companies for the monopoly. 

Thanks to the new decision, in 1903 the Cassation had the possibilty to change the reinforced tendency eliminating the previouses sentences favourable to the Lyonnaise. It had been a crucial measure in the competition between gas and electricity and for the same gas industry.


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