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The defeat of gas

The defeat of gas

It was in that moment the German electric society Schuckert asked the chance in installing in Florence a work shop for the production and transmission of electric power. The german company founded, for the florentine initiative, the Tuscan Company for the Electric Enterprises, from where it raised the Anonymous Cooperative Society of Electricity, created on January 1897, at which it had been assigned a concession for the prodution and transmission of electric power for a duration of thirty years.

The head points of the company were mainly occupied by florentine members, but the earnings of the group were almost completely germans, in front of the 3760 actions located in the Schuckert wallets only 80 were hold from the local enterpreneurs. 

The area near the Porta to Croce was choosed for the conduction of the electric power station, meanwhile the other implants would have been located in other parts of the city. At the end of October 1898 the implant entered in function and the electric grid extended very quickly.

The french group tolerated a partial substitution of gas with the electric power within the private consumer, but intransigent for that concerns the pubblic illumination, without understanding that the gas sector had already started an irresistible period of decline.

They so obtained the possibility to realize in 1896 the fourth and last gasometer, of 35 meters of diameter.

The defeat, in the competition with electricity, was inexorable, the only chance remained to the gas was to pass and be used only for domestics uses.


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