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The AUER method

The AUER method

Before the defently retreat, the gas played its last card. Infact the arrival of the electricity, gaved a new impulse to the attempts in applying a method able to reduce the consume providing at the same time the same luminous intensity of the bulbs. 

A such innovation was improved by the Austrian chemist Carlo Auer von Welsbach, who licensed in 1885 an incandescent wire-gauze, imbued by a mixture of oxides, represented a new and outstanding revolution in the gas illumination field.

Thanks to his research it was possible enjoy a light five times more intensive under the same conditions of consume.It was the introduction of this novelty that brought gas to its complete extintion from the illuminating sector beyond the end of the 17th century.

In Florence the novelty arrived much later, neither the french company neither the Concil administrators realized the benefits that was able to bring. So, at least in the suburbs of the city, the illumination supplied by petroleum will work till 1918, meanwhile one of the most important novelties realized in the history of gas industries, will receive lean attention.


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