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The war

The war

The Italian industrial sector was pushed towards its final maturity by the war, including the energetic range. Therefore these were years very hard for the pubblic illumination in all the italian cities, the missing coal limitated sensitively the potentialities. And even more, the fear of the bombardments induced the authorities to ordinate the nocturnal darkening. 

The 31st of March 1916 it took place the first darkening experiment in the city.The drastic reduction of the gas illumination and the nearly total interruption of the electric power erogation left the city in the darkness for more than three years. Once finished the war, Florence continued suffering for the very bad illumination system, however the end of the emergency did not bring the expected improvement and in the city the citizens continued groaning.

The restoration of the pubblic illumination arrived very late, only in 1921 the service had been completely re-established and the city could finally resume its real aspect.

The twenties (20's) are the crucial years for the pubblic illumination history because they defently had put an end to the gas roll.In that decade the Council provided in changing the the old gas lanterns remained. Pratically the gas disappears from the city streets and ends in the citizens habitations. The 1463 gas lanterns still in function in 1928, its number, fours years later, had been cut down to 52.


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