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The Valdarno

The Valdarno

Without any disagreement, The Florence's Council, on the 7th December of 1922, signed a contract with the Mining and Electircal Company of the Valdarn, overwhere the following year it would had changed its social reason excluding the mining reference. 

The contract stipulated with the Tuscan electric company, the first of a long series, expecting the installation of almost 300 new lanterns did not even neglect the complete substitution of the arc lamps for the other glowing ones.

It has been so opened a new phase of the pubblic illumination history of the city. The entire society developed with convinction an ample strenghtening project for the pubblic town illumination, expecting also the enlargement of its perimeter, electrically illuminated.

The progresses obtained in the first decade, subsequent the initial contract of 1922, were not insignificants, if on the year of the march on Rome, the lominous intensity ammounted to 317.175 candels, in 1932 that number had touched almost two millions.

In 1933 the Valdarn joined the Ligure Tuscan Electricity Company, creating the SELT-Valdarno, that remained on the scene, affecting in a postive way, untill the nationalization of the electric power.

Five years later, in occasion of the visit of Hitler in Florence, the city offered an amazing light deployment, including the famous lamps located along the course.


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