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The public illumination between the reconstruction and the economical miracle

The public illumination between the reconstruction and the economical miracle

Also the second world war, more than the first, forced the entire country towards a drastic energetic rationing and all the cities were once again in the darkness.

After the liberation a huge effort was made by the city of Florence like in the rest of the country for the reconstruction of the implants destroyed by the bombardments.

While it never tooked place an organic plan for the citizen illumination, overwhere any commitee, since the first coalition carried on by Fabiani till the flood, completely formulated. The articial light illuminated the city without respecting its town-plannings and morfologicals differences, in particular those between the center and the outskirts, in this period considerably extended.

Numerouses controversies caracterized the ending period, the illumination service, especially outside the historical center, was considered one of the most decreasing and the minorities, that followed the town Council in Palazzo Vecchio, did not esitate in exposing theire own critical judgements.

Reading the news papers of time we can notice a strong discomfort feeled by the population, forced to move during the night without a light guide due to the scarce reinforcements of the pubblic lights.

But if it is right to notice the complete absence of any will-power to confer, to the illumination, a primary roll for the nocturnal needs, it is also true that in the period of twenty years, included between the Liberation and the flood, many new lanterns had been situated among all the city perimeter , a project not based on a elaborated program but able to remove the darkness from some areas and streets till that moment devoided of the illumination service.

Finally in 1955 they had been installed a first group of flourescent lanterns along the Strozzi and Lavagnini avenues, later on appeared also the "wip posts" and bulb lanterns with mercury vapours, initially installed in the subway of the Cure and later, after the flood, diffused to a larger perimeter.

At the beginning of the sixties (60's) also in Florence, due to the increasement of a negative vision towards the air wires they had been unattempted all the possible ways with the aim of removin them.With the birth of the Enel the influence on the city illumination had remained the same. In reality it will be with the huge tragedy of 1966 where the florentine pubblic illumination will reach the definitive turning point.


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