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Silfispa, concessionaire of the public urban illumination, is the first functioning mixed capital company in this sector. When the formula had been conceived, its originality appeared immediately and a similar characteristic did not come less during the course of the years, the demonstration of the recognized validity of this meeting between public and private had been provided by the same favourable reception, obtained by the proposal from all the political forces and from the experts of the sector of the epoch of its formulation.

The collaboration between pubblic and private seems to be always more an adequate answer to the growing needs in the public services field. In the case of Florence everything appears very significative, besides the SILFI also the Florentine gas operates, even this one is the result of the positive alliance between the public and private hand.
Towards the end of the mission, assigned to the Branzanti corporation, it had started the examine of the hypothesis of a meeting of this kind.

The suppositions tooked in consideration, started with assigning the service to the ENEL or to the Florentine Gas till the constitution of a municipiled company, form that in reality in Florence, but also in Tuscany, had never enjoyed of a particular luck not even at the beginning of the century, when the law on the municipalization, that is dated back up to 1903, presented herself on the national overturn like the first case of public management.

The special commitee purposely created for the definitive choice, was formed by all the politicals forces represented in the town council, showing the solution that then prevailed. The point of the objective consisted in locating an organism gifted at the same time by an economical agility and by guarantees of efficiency management, they wanted an organism that could be able to make use of normatives and structures in the private field without becaming less the public control. The subdivision of the shares, the 70% to the private and the remaining 30% to the public, was considered adequate in correspondence, since the beggining, of the needs demonstrated with clear intentions. Whatever, it had been a brave choice, tooken by the Council of Florence not before a long discussion that still now represents an experiment imitated by other many urban realities.
From a legal point of view, the italian system is based on formulas such as the one adopted for the constitution of the SILFI, also if in recent times it did not miss a remarkable proliferation of such examples. The management of the service, assumed by the SILFI, guarantees teh requested agility besides an elevated functional degree not easily attainable vice versa with different solutions.

With the public administration loss of the heavily administrative organ represents the necessary presupposition for a good management of the service.
 In this case the partners choice assumed a huge importance. The Branzanti company had obtained the confidence on field, during the maintenance period of the implants.

The same experience ammounted by the staff was considered a heritage of great importance. The hipothesis that the contract, if we had carried on on this way, could have been ended in the hands of an external firm - or evenly debutante in the sector - and so unaware of the florentine peculiarities in the illumination theme, scares the city administrators, as a matter of fact in Florence in 1982, was already a city decently illuminated from any point of view and a worsening was considered in no way aceptable. 

Another fact attracted, in a particular way, Palazzo Vecchio, the appointment, by the Council, of its own furnitures permitted to be in a favourable situation of not spending nothing to enter and be part of the society.

The 26th of October 1982, the Town Council deliberated the constitution of a society for actions, for the service management of maintenance of the public illumination implants.
For the new society, that tooked the name of SILFI, it had been fixed a capital of 750 million liras, doubled in the April of 1990 in virtue of the positive budget results achieved.

With the assignment of the 30% of the quotes, the Council reserved itself to nominate the president of the Council administration, compounded on five members, together with the irrevocable right of option on the private quote besides the imposed commitment in not lendind without mutual agreement.

Besides, the order forced the society to reinvest a part of the profits obtained, together with those requested by the law, for a quote not lower then 25%.

Two years later, after the 28th of December 1984, the mayor Conti signed for the Council birth certificate of SILFI, the management of the new born society was started in July of following year.

In the December of 1987 the new sight of the company was unveiled in via della Robbia, where at the moment works an operative central that daily switches on and off the city lights. Besides, since the first of January 1990 to the December of 1992, the SILFI, in an enterprise grouping, has managed the maintenance of the semaphoric television implants and of the traffic check up and the upkeep of the vertical and horizontal traffic signs of the florentine Council.
The budget estimated from ten years of its birth, makes emerge the interesting results obtained by the florentine pubblic urban illumination: the existing light points on the municipal territory, the first of January 1994, ammount altogether to 30377 situated among these five districts,
Quarter 1: 8.962 
Quarter 2: 5.974 
Quarter 3: 3.994 
Quarter 4: 4.387 
Quarter 5: 7.060

The first of January 1994, the entire grid subdivided in 558 implant truncks that provides more than 2000 between streets and squares of the city for development of around 700 km. Every year in the city about 20.000 lamp bulbs are burned. 

In the last years the progressive change of incandescent lamps with fluorscent sistems has permitted a considerable energetic save.

Between the realization of implants for the illumination of particular importance there is the new installation that lights the faces of the Uffizi galery, one of the ancient doors of the city, of the faces of Palazzo Strozzi in occasion of the biennial antique trade-event, the resettlement of the illumination implant for the basilica of San Miniato al Monte, Piazza della Repubblica and Loggia dei Lanzi.


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